one dollar riches!

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one dollar riches!

Post by go6okoko6o on Tue May 31, 2011 7:40 pm


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alright :) I am going to teach you how onedollarriches works [if i were you i would put this page in my favorites]
so basically you register to the site by paying a 1 doller from your alertpay account, it depends who you pay it to, my link is <a href=""></a> and if you use this link I get the dollar if you just register from the site the admin does and if you use another person's link they do!

So this is how it all works, i paid my one dollar to another person to be their referral, and now I am in the site, and am trying to get as many referrals as I can, because for every referral I get a dollar!
this is very simple and easy money making method! Also for those of you with 500 facebook friends or skype contacts, I see a gold mine possibility! If out of these 500 people 50 join this is 50 dollars, in a day, that is a pretty good pay check ;)

what you need is :

1: alertpay account with one dollar, it is ok if it is not verified!
2: strong will and stride for success

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Would you like to <u>make $25 to $50+</u> in the next few hours?</h2>
Then, You are in Luck! <span style="color: #1c850b; font-weight: bold;"><b>OneDollarRiches</b></span> allows you to parlay a <u>small investment</u> of just one dollar into a <u>constant stream of cash</u>, day in and day out!
You can make 100 times your investment in just a few days by following our simple step by step instructions.
What is <b>OneDollarRiches</b>?</h2>
<b>OneDollarRiches</b> is <u>the opportunity you've been searching for</u>! We are looking for leads for our business opportunities and we've found a way to pay you $1 per lead.
It's <u>extremely easy</u> and doesn't involve selling, MLM schemes, nor anything illegal like that. Just a legitimate and <u>powerful income-generating system</u>.
How Does this work?</h2>
All you do is promote your very own <b>OneDollarRiches</b> website just like this and <u>you'll get paid $1.00</u> for every person that joins the program. And you'll get paid <u>instantly</u> and direct from the buyer. No middle man nor waiting for commissions checks!
You'll be provided with banner ads and sample text ads you can use to promote your <b>OneDollarRiches</b> business. (More details once you join.)
How Easy is <b>OneDollarRiches</b>? </h2>
Super Easy! <u>Anyone can join</u> this program, and it's designed with internet beginners in mind. <b>OneDollarRiches</b> is also a <u>global opportunity</u> and uses Alertpay to process payments.
You shouldn't have any trouble making money just minutes after you join. <u>Everyone likes to make money</u>, especially when it's this easy and only $1 to join. It's really that simple!
What to Expect?</h2>
Once you join you'll get <u>step by step instructions </u> in the "members only" section. You'll get your unique <b>OneDollarRiches</b> promotional site (like this one) and You'll learn everything you need to know to take YOUR <b>OneDollarRiches</b> business to next the level. You'll also learn the best places to find leads and how to get them to visit your <b>OneDollarRiches</b> site.
Imagine placing just one free ad or link on the internet, Your Facebook account, Your Twitter account, or anywhere else and making $20 or more. <u>All with only 5 minutes of work</u>!
Plus, the sky is the limit with <b>OneDollarRiches</b>. You can continue to make money for as long as you like. <u>Your one dollar investment can turn into hundreds</u> in the following months and results are based on your efforts.

check out description at my blog about this topic!


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