Make Money Outsource Blogger/Wordpress Blogs & Articles Using Fiverr

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Make Money Outsource Blogger/Wordpress Blogs & Articles Using Fiverr

Post by Contentoids on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:35 am

Outsourcing is very cool way to have some money. Fiverr is one the best site to make money but now, there are lots of competition to get a single order as there are hundreds of thousands of seller on Fiverr. But still you can make money using fiverr. How? here is as easy way to do that. When i was using fiverr, i came across a Gig in which seller offering many things in single gig. The gig offers, complete setup of your blogger or wordpress blog which includes name of blog, url of blog and template + 5 unique high quality articles also and bonus templates of blogger users.

Then looked for comments and users feedback's and found that all are very positive and then I ordered that gig. Seller gave me a complete blog (You can view it here: ( and then after some days, I sold it for $20 to my one client and really it makes me $20-$5 = $15 profit. It was very good experience. Although, you can do it yourself, it is very simple.

Seller gave me 5 articles, which i tested using to check their uniqueness and found that all articles are 100% unique and I gave thank you seller.

Gig Url;
It is my first post, hope you like it!


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