How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac

Post by harris28 on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:03 am

Want to save WhatsApp messages on your iPhone 5C to your Mac computer? Here is a video that can help you transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac, and then you can view it on your Mac computer.

Video Demo:

WhatsApp Pocket
> Extract, Backup WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Computer
> Save Messages, Photos, Video, Audio and Voice Message to Mac
> Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Photos & Videos Easily


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Re: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac

Post by Leojaye on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:12 am

Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Chat Hisotry to Computer or another iPhone

Looking for an easy way to Backup, Restore and Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Chat History on computer? Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp Transfer offers a good and easy solution for all iPhone users to transfer WhatsApp Chat Messages from iPhone onto computer. Unlike other WhatsApp Extractor programs(that can only copy Messages from iPhone onto computer), Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp Transfer not only supports iPhone WhatsApp Chats to computer backup & export, but also enables users to restore WhatsApp Chat Hisotry from computer database to iPhone, either a new iPhone or your old iPhone. That's why it makes it so easy for iPhone users to move WhatsApp data from old iPhone to an new iPhone.

1 Backup and Restore iPhone WhatsApp chat history on Computer
2 Transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhones directly
3 Recover WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Backup on Computer
4 Export WhatsApp Messages to document file(Txt, Csv, Doc, Html, PDF)
5 Print iPhone WhatsApp Messages in conversations on PC
6 Extract WhatsApp pictures videos audios etc attachments to PC
7 Work perfectly for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

For Mac:

Watch Video:

* How to Backup WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Computer?
* How to Restore WhatsApp Chat History to iPhone from Backup?
* How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History Between iPhones Directly?
* How to Recover WhatsApp Chat Messages from iPhone Backup?
* How to Print iPhone WhatsApp Conversation Messages on Computer?
* How to Export WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Text, Word, HTML, PDF File?
* How to Extract iPhone WhatsApp Messages Video, Photo, Voice, Audio Note to Computer?

iPhone Data Transfer - transfer iPhone Music, Movie, Photo, Playlist, Camera Roll, Ringtone, ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Voice Memo, Voicemail, Podcast, TV Show, Message, Contact, Note, Calendar, Call history, Bookmark, App data to computer. Transferring data between iPhones is also supported.

Android iPhone Data Transfer + -  provides all needed solutions, including Android Data to iPhone transfer, iPhone Data to Android transfer, Android/iPhone data to computer transfer, restoring data from computer to Android/iPhone, iPhone to iPhone Data Transfer, Android to Android Data Transfer and copying & sharing files between Android/iPhone and your computer.

Best luck!


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Re: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac

Post by Rantaler1 on Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:03 am

When you deleted data from iPhone by accidently, first of all, you need to stop operating your iPhone, otherwise the data will be covered by new generated data, once the data was overwritten, they will lost from iPhone and can't be restored directly forever, unless you made a backup before.
If you make a iTunes backup before, you can right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’, choose the latest backup and proceed.
Or you can use iOS data recovery software to enter your iCloud account, find iCloud backup files available for you, then download and scan it to restore your iPhone data.


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Re: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 5C to Mac

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