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Post by shophscc on Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:08 pm

les nereides在中国哪儿有卖的, Les Nereides于1980年由夫妇Pascale和Enzo在法国巴黎成立,品牌迅速在全球范围内成长,凭借着奇思妙想的创造力,征服了许多爱美女性的青睐与支持。Les Nereides的饰品都由手工作坊手工制作及上色,因此每件产品都是独一无二 莱斯莱斯沙蚕沙蚕,新产品,LES沙蚕产品在中国 les nereides in China where there are sold, Les Nereides in 1980 in Paris, France, founded by a couple Pascale and Enzo, the rapid growth of the brand on a global scale, with the whimsy of creativity, conquered numerous women of all ages and support. Les Nereides jewelry handmade by the hands of the workshop and painted, so each product is unique Royce Royce Nereis Nereis, new products, LES Nereis products in China


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