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Basics of web design and maintenance.

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Basics of web design and maintenance. Empty Basics of web design and maintenance.

Post by JamesBeaurline on Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:22 am

Once you have a website that is up and running, you have a powerful online tool in your hands. However, it would be only useful as long as the content is up to date. Procedure for keeping the site current is known as web site design maintenance. It is necessary to keep the search engine as well as visitors supplied with the new information. Making changes in the site regularly, in order to allow smooth working of the business. Web design services can help your site stay updated.
Information needs to be updated regularly in the websites dealing with ecommerce, For instance, the news related to the company, images, information on products, web content, prices etc, needs to be updated. The sites that refrain from changing content and the overall appearance hold risk of losing interest of the visitors. For an old site, more changes in website design and maintenance needs to be done. This will allow the site to maintain its freshness. Taking certain steps should allow you to take right decisions related to design a web and maintenance.
Some firms would charge on hourly basis for their services, while the rest would charge on monthly basis. Sometimes, web design services can be planned in such a way so as to allow you to makes changes on own. It is advisable to seek some professional help for website design and maintenance. The experts would help with designing and maintenance in the best way. Irrespective of the path chosen for website design and maintenance, having a practical approach for keeping the site updated should be fine.


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Basics of web design and maintenance. Empty Re: Basics of web design and maintenance.

Post by paulm on Sat May 07, 2011 8:13 am

The best tip I could probably give you when starting your own website is be minimalistic. Yes you could probably attract some with those loud images displayed on your header but for most, they could find it inappropriate. Ease on the blinking banners and just display the stuff that really matters. You should minimize the length of text as some would be bored to read a lengthy explanation, so communicate using images, which should be reasonably sized. And take not of what color combination would work and keep away from pink text on yellow background.


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