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Record from Camera HQ digital stream

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Record from Camera HQ digital stream  Empty Record from Camera HQ digital stream

Post by rand00 on Sun May 01, 2011 9:22 am

Contact: Dragutin Movrin, ,,

Dragutin Software releases Fabulous Network Camera Record Studio Ul

Osijek, Croatia, 1 May 2011 - Dragutin Software has released new product - Record from Camera HQ digital stream.

Modern professional protection application works with any webcamera, IP cameras, and major capture cards.
Surveillance software has become so sophisticated that the normal consumer who has been busy minding his store instead of pouring over electronics and ip know-how articles can be easily overwhelmed when it comes time to setup or update his security system.

Broadcasting live video and audio from capture card using web camera computer software.
If you find yourself with a need to capture security picture with a webcam over a zone, web camera server application can be the right choice for you. Using this software, it is possible to set up a webcam to identify activity and begin recording when it does.
Depending on your needs, the image and sounds that are picked up by the camera can be stored on a hard drive, or if the captured video needs to be accessible online, may be webcast using the server`s broadcasting feature to a webpage.
Depending on the quality of the camera and the viewer`s video card, the scene that is captured may be as clear as a HD tv signal.
Via a install like this, it is possible to provide a measure of security for a spot while the economics of the situation do not justify hiring a security business or installing a professional monitoring platform.
This easy approach can save cash while not compromising on security.

Professional security software is now available that will work for any webcamera or Internet webcam and for most capture cards as well. You can monitor whatever your movement sensors are picking up at your house or company while you can be half a globe away.
The application itself may not be simple, but it can make life simpler for you.

Luckily, there is modern professional surveillance application that simplifies much of the decision making.
You don`t necessarily have to get rid of a working analog closed circuit TV system in order to renew to a streaming video that can be watched from any internet connected station or 3G phone. Video capture cards can digitally convert the snapshots for broadcast. Until yesterday, there had been no real attempts to regulate the new Internet cameras; every make and manufacturer functioned a little differently. And when you put cameras into the join, finding one application to control them all was unwieldy.

Fabulous Network Camera Record Studio Ul program can be downloaded for free from the Dragutin Software web site at:

Established in April 2011, Dragutin Software develops software to record from web camera hd digital video

For further data on the company and its services please visit its online site at


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