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video formats-WMV

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video formats-WMV Empty video formats-WMV

Post by mirawen2011 on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:25 pm

The Windows Media format is developed by Microsoft. Windows Media is a common format on the Internet, but Windows Media movies cannot be played on non-Windows computer without an extra (free) component installed. Some later Windows Media movies cannot play at all on non-Windows computers because no player is available (From Internet).So WMV is a common video format, which can be played on all computers running windows,but not any DVD players. We can also try to enjoy it on DVD player by convert WMV to DVD first.This will not take much time. video formats-WMV 675723


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Post by Cora on Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:08 am

We usually to try the psp or ps3 slim to play golf we liked watching some shows and enjoy the music to earn our lifespan more remarkable. but, we be aware of the blu beam movies have becoming more and more attracting u . s ., so, along with the pleasure of doing offers we supply the like to watch blu beam movies with this psp or possibly ps3.

Towards, how may well we achieve it?

The truth is, we make use of some programs to imput all the blu beam movies thereafter do a lot of settings and therefore the last make the movies become all the format insured by this psp or possibly ps3. That's why, sounds like very easy.

In inescapable fact, it does very easy. and you can perform it want below or look at the rip blu-ray to psp just for more along with the software bluray ripper I had mentioned before.

step1, Clear Leawo Blu-ray Ripper. Check out "Load BD" to make sure you input Blu-ray dvd movie Avatar.

step2, Enter "Profile" duration (Mac pc users click on the icon prior to when 3D) and pick the best format for use on your PSP/PS3. You’re able to directly pick out the PSP/PS3 tips.

step3, Click "Convert" to begin the process the Blu-ray dvd movie conversion and then you could enjoy it upon your PSP/PS3 soon after.

Ok, will do it all, you'll want got the software. so, with the exception of play games you can easlily also in order to savor the blu beam movies with this psp or possibly ps3. video formats-WMV 355351


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