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Post by sono10 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:23 pm

Sorry,no speak english,google translator.

Only Spain and UK

No messages sent daily, usually 5 days a week and typically order one day, but sometimes there are days that send messages and rarely 2 to 3, these messages are charged at 0.08 € a majority, also about 0.04 and the minimum payment is 10 € that without referrals it would take about 5 months to get but worth it since it loses only a few seconds a day and do not mind, that if better to have referrals and referrals I come with 8 in 1 months to collect.

No need to be in the phone, because if you do not have flat rate data by a peak you would come out and not worthwhile.
You can do it on your computer, explain:
You sign up here:

I got an sms to mobile with a confirmation link, if you confirm the messages from the mobile phone and you arrive at this only if you want flat-rate data.

Copy and paste the link into the browser of your computer and complete the registration, no need to download the application, then the message will reach the computer, to see those messages daily, they must go to:

Give the next until the message finalice.Para see your balance and your information, referrals, and others, visit:

Complete your Yoad, invite more people and earn more.

Thanks and good luck.


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