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How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio?

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movie - How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio? Empty How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio?

Post by eliuliu1989 on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:35 pm

AAC, the full name is Advanced Audio Coding, is really a file compression format specially designed for sound data. Distinctive from MP3, AAC has adopted the brand-new algorithm to code. Hence, it's additional effective and much more exceptional performance. When compared to the MP3 as well as other lossy formats, the sound quality of AAC format is much better and also the file is much smaller. At present, a lot of mobile devices could well support AAC audio such as Nokia mobilephones, Apple Ipod touch along with Sony Walkman etc .. Hence, if we discover some beautiful songs on SWF movies, how can we enjoy it on these portable devices? The answer is switching SWF to AAC.
1. Install a SWF to AVI converter along with start it.
2. Add SWF movie
movie - How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio? Swf-avi1
Simply click “Browse” - “From Folder” to input the initial SWF movie. And you can preview the original source SWF movie on the view screen.
3. Export
movie - How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio? Swf-aac1
Click “Export” and even select “Video”. And then select the output audio as AAC along with designate a folder for the created audio.
4. Switch SWF to AAC
movie - How to turn SWF movie to AAC audio? Swf-aac2
Please click “Convert” to start the SWF to AAC transformation. The program will switch SWF to AAC within just a few seconds. After the transformation, it is going to automatically open the selected folder for you.
Now, you are able to listen to the tunes and transfer it to the portable devices.


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