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'I was bullied on Facebook'.

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'I was bullied on Facebook'. Empty 'I was bullied on Facebook'.

Post by busytrade88 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:24 pm

"I was shocked that people could be so horrible and that Facebook would allow them to put that on their site.

"This type of bullying is wrong and I would hate it if it happened to my son or any of my family".

Gemma, who is a deputy office manager at Whitchurch Hospital, said: "Thankfully, I have a close family who have given me a lot of support and I have spoken to my managers at work to explain the situation and they are all behind me."

The group description reads: "For anyone who has had to go through the pain and heartbreak of a cheating partner, with a dirty, cheap little tart who gets a kick out of ruining other peoples lives.

"And to the people who come out the other side stronger, harder, and better than before. The survivors - we salute you!"

The group has 65 members who have sent messages aimed at Gemma including: "You deserve all the abuse and criticism you are getting and a truckload more."

Another contributor added: "The only reason people are writing on this group is because they disagree with what she and other tramps like her have done to hurt people in the past."

Group creator Annie Daley, who set up the site, says that it was meant to be kept private among friends and not to be broadcast to a wider audience.

After the Echo contacted Facebook yesterday, the website removed the group. A Facebook spokeswoman said: "Facebook removes content that is found to be in violation of our terms of use. "When users register on our site, they agree to our terms which state that they cannot "intimidate or harass another". "Facebook does not condone cyber-bullying on the site and will disable accounts that are found to be intimidating others in any way."


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