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How to Crack Dell Password?

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How to Crack Dell Password? Empty How to Crack Dell Password?

Post by cheeryking on Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:44 pm

Question: I bought a computer. It’s a dell. I went to log on and it need a password! This is the second hand computer with this issue! This is a windows 7. Can I get into this computer somehow or both? The hint for the password is…racing venue with type of animal…any suggestions for any of this?

How to Crack Dell Password? 8190341096_e022b0daab_m

Answer: Try to make dell password cracker.

Take it easy! All you need is Windows Password Recovery. This program allows you to reset forgotten login password on Windows 7 by creating a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive. But before using this Windows password reset tool, it’s highly suggested to try to login the Dell Windows 7 computer by trying the following method:

How to crack password for laptop?
Step 1. Start your Windows 7 dell computer.
Step 2. When the Windows logon screen appears, press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice to bring up the classic logon dialog box.
Step 3. Type administrator in the username box and press Enter to try to log into the computer.
If the built-in administrator account is not password protected, you are supposed to log into it. Then you can reset the forgotten Windows password on Windows 7 by using Control userpasswords2 command.

Don’t work? It’s time to try Windows Password Recovery Tool.
At first, please prepare the following things:
1. A USB flash drive or CD/DVD ( CD driver will be required if you use CD/DVD and data backup is needed as it will erase everything on USB drive.)
2. A PC that you can log in as administrator.

How to crack password for dell?

Step 1. Access other PC which isn't locked, download the Windows Password Recovery Tool, install and run it.
Step 2. Burn a password reset disk. You can choose CD/DVD or USB.
Step 3. Connect the nearly created disk with the locked Dell laptop, config bios setting to make sure it boot from the password reset disk, reboot the computer.
Step 4. Choose the user that you forgot its password, click "reset" button to begin crack its password.
Step 5. A message box will pop up, just click "Yes", then the user's password will be cracked to blank.
Step 6. Disconnect the password reset disk, and restart Dell laptop. You will login Windows with a blank password.

Make it! Windows Password Recovery Tool is well-recognized and wide-used shareware for Windows password recovery. It can also crack dell bios password. Its recovery rate is 100% and It requires a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Now, follow the step-to-step guides and hack dell laptop password within a few minutes.


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How to Crack Dell Password? Empty Re: How to Crack Dell Password?

Post by albertjhon on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:53 pm

Thanks for sharing with us , good post and good information....:)


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