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Methods to Convert Grooveshark tunes to MP3

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Methods to Convert Grooveshark tunes to MP3 Empty Methods to Convert Grooveshark tunes to MP3

Post by huxiaotao on Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:02 am

Grooveshark is a wonderful on the internet music streaming service that lets you look for and enjoy music, as well as easily create playlists to get your selected Grooveshark music totally free. However if you would want to download the Grooveshark playlists as MP3 files on your computer, it could be a bit difficult.Right here we strongly recommend Grooveshark to MP3 Converter. It works efficiently.When you simply play a Grooveshark song once, this software will be able to instantly record and save it to MP3 on your computer, at great speed and audio quality. You could follow the detailed instruction to do Grooveshark to mp3 conversion.

Methods to Convert Grooveshark tunes to MP3 Groovesharktomp3

Step 1: Set up the program

The software is accessible here when clicking the just below download link. And then, install the application. Then, start it it.

Step 2: Specify output format

Dual click to launch the Grooveshark to MP3 Recorder. Just before recording streaming audio from, you may possibly want to modify the music setting. Press the little wrench on the top right of the program. In the pop-up window, you are able to set the MP3 as output format, select destination folder for the downloaded music and specify the bit rate, encoder for the output format.

Step 3: Start to recoed Grooveshark music

Just after setting is finished, click "Record" button, and next go to to look for the music that you would like to record. Then the Grooveshark recorder will be able to record the music 1 by 1 automatically with tag just like artists, album names, album covers, etc. Recording completed, you will be able to click "Record" button to stop it. So now the Grooveshark streaming MP3 music can be stored to destination folder. Then you can put it on virtually any gadget you see fit.

Tip: The song recorder is able to split audio track automatically.

Following recording MP3 music from Grooveshark, you will be able to manage, make playlist, etc in "Library" menu. You also can make ringtone or transfer them to iTunes


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