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Post by thordarkworld on Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:28 am

I loved Thor's original introduction, I think Kenneth set a prime example for the mythologies, and this film exceeds and refines the efforts that came before.

The score was terrific, characters alive, and the effects stunning. The screenplay balancing humour and emotion stunningly well. Thor: The Dark World is my favourite Avengers outing thus far, Captain America shouldn't disappoint either.

Criticism and Spoilers However, I did think that Odin was too solid of a character, not encompassing the mythology of his role, or mirroring examples seen in other Marvel animated movies.

Reference to Jodenheim was good, and I hope Loki's 'see you in hell' line will be a reference to his participation in a Surtur storyline for Thor 3, maybe so given Marvel's interest in maintaining his involvement due to his fan following.

What I thought should have changed - was that Odin intervene in the end by means of the Tesseract, aka cosmic cube - to combat the aether spread, as it would bring a much more direct contrast to the artifacts, and interest in Odin's armoury again.

Iron Man should have at least been in touch somehow, worldwide panic is a big deal lol, but Cap's inclusion was hilarious (and maybe referencing skrulls later), but again is no big deal as Iron Man 3 could have said the same thing about including shield and Cap.

I didn't like the fact that the collector was portrayed so strangely, and not introduced, but I'm guessing that will come later. Thor should have fought the horned guy longer, making Malekith a trickier enemy calling for Odin - who would have come down to earth to help, and then coming to terms with human interaction - acknowledging his saving them in the past with the frost giants in himself etc.

Also - I think he should have revived Freya with the Cube if it were possible - maybe revealing after Thor and Loki banded together - and locking Loki away (although proud of his progress). And the ending was somewhat misrepresented - I think if Loki was to take over Asgard (which he believably could after that speech) - he would use an artifact, reflecting the scene in Thor with the casket - but I think he should have fled to Jodenheim with the creature at the end.


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