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How to Order a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine from UCOWIN

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How to Order a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine from UCOWIN Empty How to Order a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine from UCOWIN

Post by miniavatar on Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:42 pm

Nowadays more and more people like to shoping on line, the development of E-commerce enable us to shop globally. There are eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress...etc, where we can shop conveniently. We can find lots of such similar on line business website everywhere. But if you want to buy the same quality product with much cheaper price, then you should pay more attention to choosing. You'd better find the factory or wholesalers, not a reseller. Then surely you will save lots of money.

There are lots of reseller on eBay, but the price is much expensive. Let's take the manual sugar cane juicer as a example, there are two sellers on eBay. The total cost for one piece jucier will cost up to 600 usd to USA, this price even donot including the import tax. You may have to pay about 670 usd to finally get the juicer. If you buy from UCOWIN directly, you will save around 150usd. What a big difference for the price.

No need to worry about the payment safety, as PayPal is available for every clients. The order procedure is as below.
How to Order a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine from UCOWIN News-sugar-cane-press-juicer-jm-50
How to order a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Machine?

1. Inquiry- Send your inquiry to us with post address information, then we will quote you the price to you..

2. Invoice- If you accept our offer and ready for oder, we will send an invoice via Paypal.

3. Payment arrangement- Arrange the payment as instruction of PayPal.

4. Delivery- The manual sugar cane juicer will be delivered in 5 working days after receiving payment.

After delivering the sugar cane juicer, it will take around 1 week for DHL then you can receive the juicer. Check the machine condition once you receive it in time. If there is any problem caused by transportation, you can claim compensation to the express company. Anyway, above damage is seldom happened. We will pack the machine well before shipping.

Should any one interested in order the manual sugar cane juicer, please send inquiry to us. UCOWIN will always doing our best to provide the highest quality product at most cheaper price to clients.

Contact Us:

Name: Mr. Nilson

Sales E-mail:

Support E-mail:


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