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Process and Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill

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Process and Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill Empty Process and Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill

Post by W13579 on Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:51 am

Vertical roller mill conditioning tower and filter according to the location, there are two different layout scheme, namely three fan system and dual fan system. Product was collected using a cyclone dust collector. This arrangement can reduce the operating vacuum system and the amount of gas through the precipitator. Electric dust collector can also be used as a final bag filter dust removal equipment; dust collection equipment can be used in electrostatic precipitator or bag filter, the grinding of the gas directly into the dust collector, the system reduces the number of equipment units simplify the system configuration.
Working principle of vertical roller mill: motor through reducer drive the disc rotates, the material through the air lock feeder from the inlet falls central disc, while the hot air from the inlet into the mill. As the disc rotates, the material under the centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the disc, the disc through the annular groove when subjected to the roller compacted and crushed, crushed material in the disc edges with high-speed airflow from the air ring, large particles straight into the disc on re-grinding, when the material flow through the upper separator role in the rotation of the rotor, meal bucket fell from the cone disc re-grinding, qualified powder together with the air out of grinding.
By collecting dust collection equipment, namely products that contain materials in contact with water during the hot air is dried, by adjusting the air temperature, the humidity of materials to meet different requirements, to achieve the desired product water. By adjusting the splitter of vertical roller mill, you can reach the desired thickness of the different products.


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