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The performance characteristics of Vertical Roller Mill

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The performance characteristics of Vertical Roller Mill Empty The performance characteristics of Vertical Roller Mill

Post by W13579 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:20 am

1. High grinding efficiency, low operation cost. Vertical roller mill material layer powder grinding principle of grinding material, low energy consumption, power consumption is lower than ball mill grinding system 20 ~ 30%, and with the increase of the raw water, the electricity saving effect is more significant.
2. Construction, investment cost is low. Construction area of about 70% of the ball mill system, architectural space of about 50 to 60% of the ball mill system.Therefore vertical grinding technological process is simple, cover an area of an area, and take up the space is little, makes the construction cost is low.
3. Easy and reliable running, easy operation and maintenance. Vertical roller mill equipped with prevent roller set and mill lining board direct contact limit mechanism, avoid friction and collision between metal and destructive violent vibration, increases the safety.
4. Equipment drying ability and grinding materials widely. In the vertical roller mill can dry up to 15% of the moisture content material, wide application range.Even dry ball mill, is only for 3-4% of the water drying materials.
5. Product quality is steady, uniform grain size distribution. The time duration of the material in the vertical roller mill only 2 ~ 3 minutes, and in the ball mill tends to 15 ~ 20 minutes. So Vertical roller mill product chemical composition and fineness can quickly determine, correction, and stable quality.
6. Environmental protection equipment, low noise, less dust, clean operating environment. Vertical roller mill and grinding disc in a work is not direct contact, not in the ball mill ball collided with each other, the clang of lining board of the steel ball impact, so the noise is small, 20 ~ 25 db lower than the ball mill.In addition, the vertical roller mill adopts full sealing system, the system under the negative pressure operation, no dust, clean environment.


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