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Performance characteristics of Portable Crusher

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Performance characteristics of Portable Crusher Empty Performance characteristics of Portable Crusher

Post by W13579 on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:53 am

1. Portable crusher is Integration of the entire unit: Unit equipment installation concept is integrated into group practices, eliminating the complex field of infrastructure sub-assembly and installation of auxiliary facilities operations, reduced material consumption hours.
2. Mobility flexible: Tire series portable crusher station car chassis height, small turning radius and easy ordinary highway driving, easier travel in rugged field area broken poor road conditions. Entered the site for quick saves time. Stationed in the area is more conducive to a reasonable construction, for the whole crushing process provides a more flexible work space.
3. Reduce material handling costs: Tire series Portable crusher station, the spirit of the material "close processing" principle, be able to carry out the first line of site materials broken, eliminating the material is removed from the scene and then broken, handle intermediate links.
4. The role of direct and effective operations: Integrated Tire series portable crusher plant, can be used independently, or for material type, product requirements and provide a more flexible process plan configuration to meet the various requirements of mobile crushing, screening and other move, the resulting organization, logistics and transport more direct and effective the cost to reduce maximization.
5. Adaptable and flexible configuration: Tire series Portable crusher station, providing simple, low-cost combination unit configuration features for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can work independently Raiders single group can also be flexible joint operations unit composed of system configurations. Hopper side out to provide a way for screening material handling variety of configuration flexibility, integration unit configuration of diesel generators in addition to the power of this unit, you can also configure the workflow system targeted to the joint power unit.


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