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Assembling Vertical Crusher should pay attention to the problem

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Assembling Vertical Crusher should pay attention to the problem Empty Assembling Vertical Crusher should pay attention to the problem

Post by W13579 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:43 pm

Vertical crusher machine is a new, highly efficient multi-stage impact at home and abroad for nearly 20 years to develop the broken equipment. It can be widely used for crushing operations Coal, cement and other industrial sectors of medium hardness material, its particle size is typically less than 1-3mm, the current project is one of the ideal crushing equipment.
Vertical crusher machine cone sleeve and spindle assembly between the bearings must be firm, with tolerances crusher cone sleeve and spindle bearing between not grasp; burn caused by bearing, spindle, gland, Japan drogue serious Wear accidents. Vertical crusher machine overhaul process, if found using a tapered sleeve badly worn for many years, it needs to be replaced; because neither fitting nor the drawings, in order not to affect the production, use after the original set of mapping their own processing.
Vertical crusher machine on tight with bearing on the shaft through a conical sleeve to achieve, namely a conical outer surface with a taper sleeve bearing diameter and taper fit.
Conical inner sleeve with a round face and a spindle; this structure is very easy to repair, but can ensure a solid connection to the relationship among the three vertical vertical crusher machine can break a long-term stable operation; therefore; To overhaul great attention to the conical sleeve and the spindle, with the situation between the bearings, replace bearings, spindles, when one of the three cone sleeve, but also pay attention to the new, with the old case between the need to ensure cooperation between the three firm.


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