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New grinding technique of Vertical Roller Mill Dealing with Cement

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New grinding technique of Vertical Roller Mill Dealing with Cement Empty New grinding technique of Vertical Roller Mill Dealing with Cement

Post by W13579 on Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:58 am

Vertical roller mill for the production of slag powder technology in recent years is one of the most common, and rapid development, for each Steel Corp preferred. Due to the progress of science and technology, the vertical roller mill gradually overcome the shock and material wear, gradually for slag powder production, the product of the specific surface area is in commonly 420 ~ 450m2/kg, but generally not more than 500m2/kg, otherwise easy to aggravate the wear plate and roll grinding, grinding parts and vibration.
In recent years, vertical roller mill has been successfully made use of in the cement clinker finish grinding systems, and is becoming the new regular equipment grinding project. 20,052,008, the world's new cement production line of about 360 furthermore to mainland China, cement production capacity reached 440 million t, making use of a cement grinding equipment greater than 600 sets.
In which the choice of cement Vertical roller mill price in 2005 rose to 45 in 2008 to 61, while the choice of vertical roller mill rate is correspondingly decreased from 50 27, which indicates that the usage of vertical cement finish grinding mill to replace the milling has turn into a widespread trend in February 2006, Yunnan State-owned Cement Co. OK334 East Jun cement Vertical roller mill successfully commissioned internationally; March 2009, Hubei Yadong Cement Company LM56 .33 cement Vertical roller mill effectively commissioned; Chengdu hospital CRM4622 is also used Cement grinding program in Shandong Building Components Co. Lubi. These show that the use of vertical roller mill as a cement grinding equipment, the time has ultimately arrived in our nation.


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