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Tank007 Outdoor Riding flashlights

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Tank007 Outdoor Riding flashlights Empty Tank007 Outdoor Riding flashlights

Post by RogerLee on Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:31 am

Sometimes, the flashlight (tactical flashlight) may not light. Why this happens mainly because three reasons: battery is run out; circuit is burnt; and bulb is broken.

1, The battery is dead. Here, the battery has no power is not mean your battery is not charged but you run out the electricity every time when you use the battery. In fact, this way is wrong, the battery will be useless after long use, the direct consequence is that your flashlight does not work.

2, the circuit is bad, careless manufacturers did not finish the process, long distance transport, long-term placement without use, drop and hit, etc. are reasons why the circuit get bad.

Tip: remove the battery if you do not use the flashlight for long time, charge the battery once every three months, which is conducive to the life of your flashlight.

3, The bulb gets burned, put battery improperly, high current added to the bulb, etc,. can burn the bulb.

To make your flashlight’s long, you need to maintain your flashlight in right ways.

First, I say under the protection of the flashlight housing, because now the shell materials are aluminum laminate, after we, you need to use a clean cloth to clean it, you can not contact with corrosive liquids. When not put it out of reach of children to avoid the child throw touch it. In fact, what I said above are some of the most basic common sense with powerful flashlight, but I think to do that, the flashlight will be more longevity. Not bright flashlight problem of greatly reduced.

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