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Keychain Flashlight

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Keychain Flashlight Empty Keychain Flashlight

Post by RogerLee on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:48 am

Mini Pocket Flashlight

Now, various mini flashlights are available in the market. Different styles, different colors may dazzle you. So, do you know how to choose mini flashlight? What pocket flashlight are better. Here I have some tips.

Tips to choose mini flashlight

Since small led flashlight is compact and powered by only 1 aaa battery, the brightness should be proper or the battery will be run out soon. And as it is easy to drop, the body need to be hard so as to ensure it not to be broken easily.

1. Brightness. The brighter the flashlight is, the faster the battery runs out. So, you'd better choose that have different modes which can meet different needs.
2. Waterproof. Waterproof flashlights are recommended since they can work on rainy days
3. Body. Stainless steel and aluminum flashlights are better for they can last longer than plastic ones.

When it comes to Tank007 mini pocket flashlight, E09 is defenitely the best in my opinion. See

1. Short and smart keychain flashlight of high brightness;
2.Twist head switch for easy one-hand operation;
3.Three modes, highest mode reaches 120 lumens.
4.Power source: 1xAAA battery
5.Burn time: 120 lumens(33 minutes), 60lumens(95 minutes), 10lumens(1020 minutes)
6.Different colors available.

Other flashlights
highest lumen flashlight, there is a flashlight that can produce 2800 lumen light
rechargeable led flashlight, now various rechargeable flashlights are available in the market.
keychain flashlight, best every day carry flashlights.
emergency led flashlight


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