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Post by sono10 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:18 pm

How Does My Browser Cash Work & How Do I Earn Money With MyBrowserCash?

Answer: It's Simple. My BrowserCash is a software application that allows you to earn money doing what you already do, browsing the internet! (Using Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome is currently not supported).

Unlike most "Paid To Click" & "Paid To Read" sites, you do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web.

Our software lets you browse just like you normally would but earn cash for viewing, clicking or taking action on advertisements. (note: We do NOT disclose which websites pay for viewing, clicking or taking action to protect the system and advertisers, though we can tell you browsing popular ecommerce sites like ebay, amazon etc is a great way to maintain a steady daily income).

While you go about searching and browsing as you normally would, every so often our system will display advertisements (or by embedding them seemlessly into sites you visit so you will be making money and not even know it!).

We have multiple ways of showing advertisements and we keep them as non-intrusive as possible. You will see popups once and a while, and sometimes words on pages will be linked to advertisers, and when searching or browsing a site you may see a little text ad on the site. Popups and text boxes are branded with the MyBrowserCash name.

For the most part you won't see much difference from your normal browsing experience. We then take the money generated from these ads and share it with you!


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Post by antonio19 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:41 pm

"Looking To Make Some Extra Cash? Join our dedicated community for free and start getting paid just for browsing websites, play games and more. Refer your friends and multiply your earnings!

Please note - This is not a get rich method. Don't expect to make thousands of dollars monthly. These sites help you earn a small additional income without any investment.

Earned $450.260 within 3 months. Got back my Investment within 90 days! Profit is growing! As I already told you this is going to be a BIT HIT in PTC World! Earnings Stats!

Posted by R Anuradha Raghuram at 8:56 AM 2 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook
Tuesday, December 13, 2011This is going to be a BIG HIT in PTC World!

I am excited to share the Good News that this site has already exceeded expectations! Please take a look at the traffic which this site has received in only 10 days!

Hope that you understand how difficult it is to find this kind of big opportunity as it rarely happens. You may not find another opportunity like this for another several years. In the past 10 years, only a few web sites have grown so quickly from launch and those people who got involved from the start are the ones who got the biggest benefits. Now is your chance! I strongly recommend for you to quickly upgrade your account, promote your referral link and benefit from this opportunity!

Some Important Notes:

1- PtcBox's official launch date is 1st January 2012.

2- Forum will be introduced on 16th December 2011.

3- During the pre-launch, we are giving DOUBLE hits for all PTC ads which you purchase from HERE.
Note: Promotion is only for "non-targeted/all countries" PTC ads and will end on 12:00 midnight (GMT) 31st December 2011. If your membership is Gold/Silver/Platinum/Custom, please use the same email address for your advertiser account, which you used previously to join PTCBox. You will also receive an additional 20% bonus for the ads which you purchase.

4- A new innovative advertising system "Multi-PTC" will be introduced to advertisers after the official launch.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011No GPT/PTC site is offering this!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 20113rd Payment $41.65 - Really Awesome! Long live

PTCBox is really AWESOME! Got paid third time ($41.65) this morning.

Dear Friends!
I am very glad to inform you that I got my First payment from ($45.85) last night. Check the proof

Really this is going to be a BIG HIG in PTC World. I have joined this site on the first day…upgraded immediately (I have that much of confidence in the Admin of this most trusted PTC site, who is none other than the same Admin of

Tired of scam sites? Looking for a trusted Paid to Click site which will last?
You have come to the right place! This trusted Admin has 10 years of experience in the industry and has never failed to pay members! He guarantees you a stable PTC site with on time payments!
Earn money for visiting sites (Paid to click) and completing easy tasks (Paid to Sign up) such as signing up to other web sites and trying out free signup offers. Money making opportunities which you can find at this site are:
§ Get paid to click and visit sites: Paid to click links have values between 0.5 cents and 10 cents according to your membership type.
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§ Get paid to refer other people: You will be paid between 10% - 100% per your referrals' clicks!

Additionally, upgraded members will get paid if their referrals complete a sign up offer or if their referrals upgrade their memberships. Because sign-up offers are worth much more than PTC offers, referral earnings can be as high as $5 dollars!

Join this site free and start earning right now!

You can also consider upgrading your membership to earn even more (optional)! Please check this table for the full features of membership options.


1- Real time detailed referral statistics for all members: All members will be able to see each of their referrals' clicks separately. It will also be possible to see which members are online and which are offline.

2- UNIQUE NEW FEATURE: Central, AJAX based control panel: AJAX based control panel which works in "real time" and alerts you for the activities related to your account.

3- UNIQUE NEW FEATURE: Transparent Membership Base!
Although this feature is only for upgraded members, it's a new concept for PTC web sites. "Transparent membership base" means you can see all your referrals’ activities from the AJAX based control panel in real time, know who they are and even chat with them! You will be notified when someone logs in. You can use the built-in chat system to chat with them. There is nothing better than meeting your referrals personally .
We called this feature "Transparent membership base" because you can ask your referrals anything and check your account stats according to their activities. Because sponsors and referrals can chat with each other, PtcBox will be the most trusted PTC web site in the world. Cheating is impossible with this kind of a system. You are welcome to test all features with one of your referrals/friends to see how the whole system works and why it is so trusted.

4- UNIQUE NEW FEATURE: Custom Membership Upgrades.
Besides the pre-made Silver, Gold and Platinum options, you can customize your own membership type according to your own needs. There are 1026 different combinations which can be created on the upgrade page. Upgrades are optional, and you can redeem your earnings once you reach $2 without any restrictions. (Payout limit for the first 3 redeems is only $1)

Membership options:
Silver membership costs $30
Gold membership costs $60
Platinum membership costs $100
Custom memberships cost between $5 - $200
All upgrades have "ZERO LOSS" guarantee and have a lot of bonuses including free referrals and advertising.
All upgrades give you the chance to get commissions from the upgrades in your downline.

5- UNIQUE NEW FEATURE: "ZERO LOSS" guarantee for all upgrades!
Simply, we guarantee that you will make a profit on your membership investment by the end of your membership period. If for any reason, your total PtcBox balance is lower than your investment fee, we will REFUND the difference between the invested amount and your balance back to your account. Then, you can transfer your money to your favorite payment processor, such as Paypal or Alertpay.

PtcBox has a feature which allows advertisers to promote up to 100 sites by purchasing only one PTC campaign.
Unique tracking and administration options which cannot be found on any other site!
Ability to pause/start your PTC campaign anytime you want.
Ability to start your PTC campaign with a certain amount per day and increase it daily.
The features shown above are just some examples which show and prove that PtcBox is currently one of the best PTC web sites in the world. is a registered company in United Kingdom under EU regulations.

This is a very secure opportunity which you rarely find in online marketing. This site is now in place after a significant investment both in effort and money. Our strong advice is to choose one of the silver, gold , platinum or custom options. You will not risk even a single cent because of the "zero loss" guarantee . Even if you never tried investing and promoting a web site before, here is your best chance to give it a try without risk of any losses.

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Post by katherinebuxton3 on Thu May 10, 2012 3:15 pm

anyone can tell me in detail i want to earn


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