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Ideal DVD Copy - A decent dvd copy software for ordinary people

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Ideal DVD Copy - A decent dvd copy software for ordinary people Empty Ideal DVD Copy - A decent dvd copy software for ordinary people

Post by pongbo on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:21 am

If you're a dvd fan, you must need a decent dvd copy software to help you create a copy for your dvd collections, so that the original dvds is well protected and far away from scratches or damages.

There're many dvd copy software on the internet, freeware or shareware with different price and quality. The freeware sounds good. For personal made dvd disc, it is really the cheapest way to make a copy. But for protected commercial dvds, it became completely useless. You still need to look for other software to help you.

DVDfab, the No.1 dvd copy software, has already form its own brand, its monkey logo is well known by the people all over the world, but it is also the most expensive. You should pay about $50 for only one year license. The expensive price is the main reason for most people to look for other alternative.

Is there much cheaper dvd copy software? Sure. Just type in "DVD Copy Software" in google, you can find a lot of. For example, leawo dvd copy, winx dvd copy etc, they're just $29.95 for lifetime license, nearly half of the DVDfab. However, the software qualiy is poor. I've tried leawo dvd copy. It even can't recognize my dvd files on hard drive, and report it is a bluray movie. How could a VIDEO_TS folder contain blu-ray movie? What's more, the source you selected will still display there, like it has recognized it, but if you click other box, like target, copy mode etc, it will scan the source again and report the same error. Quite an annoying experence. Don't have any interest to try it any more.

Occasionly I found Ideal DVD Copy on Club MyCE forum. The editor gave it a 4.5 star rate and other users also say highly of it. Download it to give it a shot. Used out their 10 copy trials on my most recent dvd collections, such as cars 2, the smurfs, super 8, transformer 3, red dog etc. To my joy, every copy works perfectly. And it is so easy to use, just insert your source dvd and blank dvd, then click Start button, it will finish copying and burning automatically. During this period, you needn't do anything. When your drive eject the burned copy, take it out and play it in your dvd player, the quality came out just like the original. On this forum, I also noticed, the developer often post there to tell you which dvd they have fixed. Usually you can backup your dvds at the day it cames out. How great it is! This is what I needed. I think for a decryption software, it must be updated frequently to overcome the new protection. Ideal DVD Copy do a great job in this way.

Then how about the price? This is another important question we concerned except the function and quality. Visit their official website carefully, I found they have decared in obvious text, the price is $39.97 for lifetime upgrades, and they have 30-day money back gruantee. Comparied with dvdfab, the price is much cheaper, and the function and their decryption ability is also perfect, nothing less than dvdfab. So far, Ideal DVD Copy is the best alternative dvd copy software I found.

Fair price, perfect quality, for ordinary people, Ideal DVD Copy is a great choice.[url][/url]


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