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Super Offer 100%BonusClic (Payments PP/AP) BEST PTC Empty Super Offer 100%BonusClic (Payments PP/AP) BEST PTC

Post by elk0k0 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:20 am

ClixSense has a very different structure compared to other PTC sites. Those differences will demonstrate clearly why you should register ClixSense if you want to earn money online:
- ClixSense affiliate program is very clear and well defined. Many PTC sites anounce some rules and all of a sudden, they change their rules and plans and you have to obey what they decide or leave that scam smelling PTC site. This is not the case with ClixSense and it will never be!

- If you work really hard, there is a chance that you can earn some thousands of dollars over ClixSense. Most PTC programs ask unreasonable amounts of money for upgrading. This is totally nonsense. It needs a broad explanation and a big problem in the industry, however, I will not mention upgrading payments problem here. In my opinion, if you are a worker, you do not have to pay anything or invest any money to earn some money. If this is the case than I recommend you just to run away from that PTC site. ClixSense has a premium program but you do not have to pay for it and if you ever want to upgrade your account, it is something symbolic payment which is just $14.95.
- Upgrading to ClixSense premium membership is very reasonable. ClixSense alleges that when you pay that amount ($14.95) and upgrade your account to 'Premium', advertisers of ClixSense can be sure that their audience is a group of people who can pay online. This is very logical.

In addition, when you upgrade to premium ClixSense account, you will instantly get your investment back within 5-10 days because there are more than 100 ads available in premium membership which makes over $1. Also your income from your referrals will increase.

- ClixSense has a very good affiliate program which has 8 levels. That means you can earn commissions whenever your referrals and even referrals of your referrals upgrade, and this goes like that similarly for 8 levels of referrals when they buy ads and even over their clicks.

- ClixGrid - Click and Win! Click anywhere on the grid for a chance to win up to $5.00! Daily 25 chances for 'Standard' member and 50 for 'Premium' member.
Best way to good earning on ClixSense is in first step, buying 'Premium' (only $14.95), cliks how many ads as You can and PROMOTE, PROMOTE PROMOTE!

Standard l Premium
Upgrade price for 1 year: Free l $14.95
Pay per click: $0.01 l $0.01
Pay per 'Premium' referral click: $0.002 l $0.004
Active Ref. Sign-up Bonus: $0 l $0.25
Ref. Upgrade Bonus: $2 l $2 + $1 for a upgrade every referral under ower direct referral - 8 Levels Deep
Referral ad purchase: 10%
Ads per day: 8 l 30
Payout minimum: $10
Max. direct referrals: Unlimited - 1 Level l Unlimited - 8 Levels Deep
Payout method: AlertPay & PayPal - Weekly on Mondays l Check - Monthly on First Monday
Pays to: AlertPay, PayPal, Check
Join NOW:
Super Offer 100%BonusClic (Payments PP/AP) BEST PTC Clixsense468x60a

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