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Give a Presentation of Sawdust Dryer Machine

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Give a Presentation of Sawdust Dryer Machine Empty Give a Presentation of Sawdust Dryer Machine

Post by zhanghu on Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:04 am

Sawdust dryer refers to such a dryer machine that uses spiral conveyor to continuously send the powdery wet sawdust to the drying cylinder, and with the conveyance and scattering of the high-speed hot airflow, evaporates the water containing in the wet materials and get powdery or particle dry products.

Sawdust dryer for sale is of high drying yield, significant energy savings, and low maintenance and so on. The sawdust rotary dryer working principle is: the sawdust goes into the drying equipment and interacted with the cylinder and the injection tube, the material boiling and flowing in the barrel, hot air is full contact with materials and then the material is dried.

The high pressure draft fan makes the hot air into the drum of the sawdust drying machine through the air duct tube, and in the drum of the dryer, the hot air mixed with the wet manure sufficiently. Then the humidity of the wet manure is evaporated into water vapour. The dried sawdust goes out of the sawdust drying machine. Under the function of the high pressure draft fan, the water vapour goes out the drum of the sawdust drying machine.

On the inner wall of the drum, there are guideplate and lifting plates welded. Outside the drum, there is heat preservation layer, and on the both end of the sawdust dryer there are head (cover) device. The ring is put on the carrier roller. The big gere is assembled on the drum. The motor makes the reducer machine rotate, and then makes the drum rotates slowly.

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