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Post by -17emon.KiD- on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:24 pm

Google just released a Newbie Central for their AdSense program, webmasters can include ads on your site to earn money for each visitor clicks on the ad (if you use the program, part of an advertiser's budget goes to you, and the second part of Google). I wanted to add a few tips from my personal experience:


The ads can work well in the material medium. In a gaming site of the mine, some games do not contain advertisements next to the playground, the AdSense ads displayed between the two rounds of play is the time the visitor does not focus on how to perform a task, but it might take a short break, and be open to the possibility of visiting new places.


Put too much emphasis on AdSense and your site can be associated with less. The more space you dedicate to AdSense on your site, and the less the difference between ads and content of your design, the more money you earn with the program, right? Not quite. While pushing AdSense may cause short-term gains, it can also convince some visitors that the site is too cluttered to be visiting again. And some of these visitors may also be bloggers or others who might otherwise help promote your site with links to it. And the less your site will be linked to, less traffic, it becomes, which means that AdSense revenue going down in the long term.


Even if you get a huge traffic, revenues from AdSense on the site is more dependent on the type of site and the public. Google AdSense automatically target the content of the page. Or at least do it perfectly - but certain types of information on fares better than others for this purpose. I realized AdSense, for example, does best in a gambling site as a technology blog. I've also heard people say that quite well in the AdSense product-oriented blogs, for example, a unique position in the iPod, another post about XYZ Gadget, and so on.


Image ads can be relevant and work, but they can also apall a few visitors. Google AdSense program allows you to choose a couple of different ad formats. Two main groups are the text ads to the text and image ads. When you choose the latter, Google will show you what they consider to be the most appropriate content (or so they hoped, and it would be better than Google to serve the best interest possible announcement, apparently).

However, Google is not the clear design preferences, and do not quite understand when the public believes that the ads are "too", and taking into account the ads include Flash animations (can not turn off when you go from image ads), Flash animations could push some people. One thing you can do is show only image ads in areas where they do not disturb the contents, for example, at the end of messages. In addition, you may want to hear from visitors to the ads being served, I received e-mails before the announcement of Flash on the site of this or that because a person wants to leave, how I have not been blocked specific advertiser through AdSense Setup -> Filter competitive ads ad option.


When it comes to specific situations of recipients, you can increase or decrease the importance of some parts of the page. To help Google find similar content on an ad, you can use the HTML comment syntax, encapsulation of important parts of

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

... important content of your site here ...

<!-- google_ad_section_end --> .

Or, to reduce the size of a paragraph, you will need:

<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

... It is not as essential contents of the site here ...

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

(Google says it can take up to two weeks, this will change in your AdSense account.)

What happens if the site is not a good content combined with a start, though? To say that the page is just a photo. Well, search engine optimization reasons, but also ad optimization you should consider at least a descriptive title, explaining the footer contains the important keywords or key phrases (like a footer, which actually helps the human visitor, explaining what the page is about). Case, the image content, reasonable and title text alt attribute should also be used .*

* Whatever you do, do not use "keyword stuffing", because it does not help, and visitors can get your page ranked lower in search engines.


Be aware of hazards when changing ad formats too. I once had a system on the server to vary randomly between different configurations AdSense on the same page. If you do, so I was hoping to add some variety to keep many ads at least somewhat interesting and remarkable. Shortly after I stopped doing it and did not contain an area large enough static AdSense for "do what he wants," AdSense revenue from this site increased. Now I do not know if it was a coincidence of some sort, that income often go down or up, even when you do nothing, but it could well have been that there was a link between randomization adding too much house and reduced revenues.

On another occasion, during the redesign of this blog, I spend an ad format to another space at the end of the messages of the AdSense ads. This, combined with design changes may suddenly reduced to half the advertising revenue on the blog. It took me a while to realize that there were some ad channels * configured for the specific size of the plot above, and change what must have been all advertisers get their ads through the channel.

* This setting can be found in the AdSense Setup -> Channels.


Use of competitive systems when AdSense ads not seem to work for a site. In, showing galleries covers and comic books and so on, I tried, including AdSense ads in the "non-interference" in the provision of places (including trying to use affiliate links via AdSense Setup AdSense -.> References), but this does not work at all however I then tried "affiliation" from "buy" below includes individual, using the committee system that offers eBay affiliates *. (Disclosure: Patrick Gavin, co-owner of AuctionAds, I paid to read before in other projects, such as Worked much better, as it was simply a device connected to existing facilities, no bulges.

A good start to find other ad programs is to look for alternatives to Google AdSense ... you will see many lists that are dedicated to competitors. You can also choose to participate in an ad network or blog like the bridge, Federated Media (Please note that some of these competitors may be U.S. only.) (Disclosure: I was part of Federated Media before) or 9 Rules. Prior to joining such a network - which may require that you show them your traffic statistics and so on - whether their ads and campaigns tailored to your typical website layout and your general preferences type of ad.

* CommissionJunction also offers an eBay affiliate system but usability CommissionJunction really low in my opinion, its implementation is confusing.


Sometimes you get a sudden increase in traffic and then clicks on the ads, but you can not find the source of traffic. I use Google Analytics to track my sites, even though AdSense is also a good indicator of the first movement of explosions ... because it will show the total page views for all your websites (provided that you include AdSense on them all), unlike Google Analytics, you need to check a place individually.

But sometimes, even with Google Analytics, you will not be able to locate the source of your traffic, as there is no specific reference being popular new show (a reference is the site link on your site when users click on this link). In these cases, it may well be that your site has been discussed in a TV show or similar, then the show will not "link" for you (but the audience enters your domain manually in the browser when they like what 'So they on TV). When you feel there has been an explosion of traffic Sometimes you can get an additional email feedback from your site, and it makes sense for you to ask your visitors: Where did you first learn about the site? Maybe you can say the name of the television or magazine, or other "offline" source responsible for the peak. (I sent some references to the BBC, click View, for example, with tremendous effect in part.)


Consider using AdSense, even if the page can not be making the traffic again. Who knows, one day, traffic suddenly explodes, and could not understand quickly enough and so missed the action (as sometimes the traffic is going as fast as is the case).

On the other hand, in contrast, suggest that the site will never be an ad money with it. This motivation can lead to spam sites that do not help anyone really. (If the project is big, all right, even if it does not make money.)


Making Money With AdSense takes time. In my experience, can take many months or years, the site receives enough traffic to make money with AdSense ... OK if ever. I almost never had any of the site quickly and easily make money with AdSense (although you might get results faster than me, of course, because it depends on so many variables!).

I think any site to get a couple of thousand visitors a day, you should start playing some AdSense to see where it takes (if you have not already include AdSense anyway just to see what happens, and the follow-up Tip # 9). When you are paid in dollars, the real advantage of the advertising revenues will depend on the local cost of living as well as (maybe even consider moving or going on holiday extended, if the local cost of living is too high to cover the revenue site) .

PS: What are your tips AdSense?


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