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Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight

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Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight Empty Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight

Post by RogerLee on Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:54 pm

Tank007 2015 Newest High Power flashlight, up to 2000 lumens! It will be an excellent option for outdoor searching. Right now, the newest Tank007 RC11 is on sale! This rechargeable super bright led flashlightused 3 XM-L U2 LED, scientific design, good workmanship, beam throw 400m, and brightness 2,000lumen. It can be used in police, searching, outdoor, camping.

What a outdoor flashlight should have? Firm, high light, water resistant, In terms of irradiation effect, condenser and floodlight effects should be balanced. Good condenser lead to long beam throw, and good floodlight makes a larger view.

Tank007 RC11 flashlights use constant current chip, fixed brightness; It have a memory moment-on chip, According to the user habit memory common mode; The meter on the flashlight structure design to further protect the torch from harm. Head material nice 304# S/S , bottom recharge Switch, has a metal water-proof ring, when not recharge, twist it, make sure the water proof level.

I saw many police torches in the market, but unfortunately there is no one I think is good until I find a good torch-TC19. TC19 is powerful rechargeable led flashlight, which is designed exactly according to the requirements by China Public Security, which is suitable for police,outdoor searching,outdoor camping,. Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness. The flashlight has memory function to memorize the last mode.Button switch in the head for free operation.

As is known to all, too many fluorescent agents are added to the daily commodities. In order to avoid touch too many fluorescent agents, we need to know what commodities are added too many.

Now, it is easy to detect that. What you need is only a UV led flashlight. Here, UV AA02 is a good choice. It uses two AA batteries and can delivery accurate 365nm UV light which is able to detect fluorescent agents in various materials.
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